Presedent T240

The T240 is a giant 96" span trainer kit from England

It was intended  to be my test bed for lift devices, camera hauling and general knock around flying
Its big enough in the cabin area to haul a compact VHS camcorder around.  
But has since been put into the storage collection of planes.  It will fly again though.



Zenoah G23 up front, weighs in around 15 lbs. Covered in Solartex.


After flying it for a while I wasn't happy with the wing setup. Since the other wing is buried in the plane room and probably won't be seen until some future archeologist digs it up, I modified the dihedral of the wing.

I also put the cowl on made some minor changes. This planes flies like a clipped wing Cub now. It looks a lot better with a cowl on and is a real kick to fly. The G23, while not awe inspiring is a good match, and a little over an hour of air time on 20oz of gas (not a typo) is definitely a big plus.

The spare parts I have will eventually turn into another plane, with a flat wing and flaps, larger elevators and more throw on control surfaces all the way around.


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Last updated - 12/09/02