ModelTech Dragon lady's

For a time they discontinued these as ARCs but they have returned as 60- 90 sized ARFs
 Which is good news for fans of them.

Mike Hughes's Dragon lady 40

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Powered by OS 46SF
Covered in Monocote black and Pearl Green
weight - 5.7 lbs

Very quick and agile, lots of fun to fly. Surprisingly visible color combo.

St George, Utah

Eric Kler's Dragon lady 60

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Powered by Saito 150GK
Covered in Rhino Cover and Metallic Red Monocote
weight - 9 lbs

Way more power than it needs, but what a kick. Very stable in wind

"Both Dragon Lady's are real sweethearts to fly. I especially love the Larger ones. It has oodles of power with that big Saito up front but can be slowed down and be flown like a lazy Sunday flier."

Hawk Springs, WY

Dennis M. Stevenson's Dragon lady 60

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Powered by a OS. 1.08
Covered with UltraCote, the only covering I
will use any more. The trim scheme has great visibility.

I find the plane to be an exceptionally easy flyer,
and looks beautiful in big swooping turns.

Mine turned out quite nose heavy, and therefore does not want to spin or snap
hardly at all.  For the same reason it wants to keep flying for ever when
trying to land and takes awhile to slow down, and barely maintains knife edge.
I really just have not made it a priority to change the cg and clean up.

Based in Douglasville, GA.

See more of Dennis's planes at his RC Obsessions page

Russ's Dragon ladys

Dragonlady 60, Saito 120 up front, covered in Monocote, nice job.

Dragonlady 40, Saito 91 GK, also covered in Monocote.

From Greeley, Colorado.

Dave Bowles's Dragon lady

Built in spring of 98, is shown with an O.S. 91 inverted, it was later
turned on its side then replaced with a Saito 91, covered in Sig koverall and Dope,
I don't have a weight but the 91 powers it very well

From Leavenworth, KS

Lee Eckert's Revised Dragon lady 40

Power is is now a Saito 80 4 stroke. Tommy Pickels (Rugrats) as pilot.

.60 sized landing gear for more prop clearance. This trim scheme is good enough for even old eyes to see!

Flying with the Loveland Propbusters at East Fork Lake, on the east side of Cincinnati OH.

Matt Winters Dragon lady 60

Powered by YS91AC.
21st Century Fabric and Purple Metallic Monocote

Ft Collins, CO.

Ron Landram's Dragon ladys

Left: Dragonlady .40, "The .40 is powered by a “blue” OS .40 LA. I think I must have the best one in existence, because it really hauls."

Right: Dragonlady .60, "is pulled along by an OS .91 FS, and it too flies very well, it will outside snap in slow motion and hang inverted for over 3 seconds at the completion of a vertical snap!"

Gracing the skys of Las Vegas, NV.

Ralph Fisch's Dragon lady 60

Ralph writes, "Power is a
"barking" Y.S. .91AC. turning a Graupner 14 x 7 finished off with a true-turn
spinner.  Easy to see (!!!) "

Nice one Ralph.

Another one from the Loveland Propbusters, Cincinnati Ohio area.

Paul Wells Dragon lady 40

Powered by Thunder Tiger pro 46.  Reinforced wheel pants
with ply backing and firewall with dowel pegs.  Slightly heavy, but very

Sacramento Ca.

Paul Treadway's Dragon Lady 40

OS 46 SF
Covered in Monocote

Melbourne, FL

Pierre Lemmet's Dragon lady 40

Powered by an MVVS 49 engine

Pierre hails from  Noisy le Roi,  France

Steve Plotsky's Dragon Lady

Covered in Ultracote Powered by an O.S. 1.20 Four stroke. Fly's like a trainer. Lands effortlessly

Hicksville, NY

Maurille Vincenty's Dragon lady

Maurille says It's powered  by an old  YS 1.20 AC and it's weight 5200gms (11 lb).  It's covered by DIACOV and paint.

Sarcelles,  France

Benny Bath's Dragon Lady (ARC version)

Powered by a ASP 120 fourstroke. Prop 14x6", Covered with Monocote. Homemade stickers.  Weighs about 4100 grams

Carving up the  the Skies of Sweden

Floyd Skoubo’s Dragon Lady ARC.

Powered by Saito 150 inverted and swinging  a 17/6 prop… weight -11 lbs
Covered in oz fiberglass cloth and painted with automotive paint. I changed out the main gear to carbon fiber and a strong aluminum tail. I installed two servos aft for the elevators and a pull-pull rudder.

Special thanks to Bumpy Green Aerodrome web site for a lot of information on construction.

The Dragon Lady picture on the side was taken from Milton Caniff’s comic strip “Terry and the Pirates “ Dragon lady  and covered with clear monocote.

Way more power than it needs but very stable in wind.  She does drop to the nose on a slow approach and requires a little elevator trim. The large engine was installed with plans later to put her on floats. The floats will be 38” long and will add approximately 3.5 lbs to her flying weight.

Floyd lives in the Republic of Panama and is the webmaster of his Clubs web page -  .

David Sroczynski's Dragon Lady .40 

Built in 1997,   powered by an O.S. .46SF with a Bisson Pitts Style Muffler. 
This plane has hundreds of flights on her, never crashed but did have a mid-air with a GP .90 Stick. Needless to say the Dragon Lady won. " Built like a Tank".   After replacing a chunk out of the wing it was in the air the next day.  David says, "Great flying plane, it does everything I ask for, including knife-edge circles, (you read that right). This is a great hand-me-down and I think that everyone needs a Dragon Lady in their hangar".

Photos sent by Marc Greene

Thorsten Herney's Nutten Special

The Nutten special was almost the same plane as the Dragon lady, except with a streamlined narrow cowl and different shaped tail feathers 

OS 108 fsr,  16x6 prop,  onboard glow, dry weight 5200grs (11.4 lbs) ,  Oratex covering, letters black painted & clear coated.

Thorsten's  flying club, 40km away from Frankfurt Germany /main


Dave Roberts' Dragon Lady

Powered by an OS 108 FSR, covered in Solartex then painted with Automotive paints.

Dave modified the ailerons to be half the span and twice the chord.

Dave says, "It came out a little on the heavy side thanks to that, at around 5.5kg ( little over 12lbs).  It doesn't seem to care though, except at low speed it tends to enter spins that take a while to recover from.  Besides that, it is a great aircraft... And Shrek seems to be a pretty good pilot too! I've flown standard ones and mine has a MUCH faster roll rate.  Oh, mine knife edges brilliantly too, with standard tail feathers."

Dave also has video showing its nasty spin gremlin at its worst  "Yes, it touched the ground.  No, it didn't get damaged.  Just picked up some grass in the undercarriage.  I thought she was a goner when it happened... I had to fly gentle circuits for about 10 minutes afterwards to calm my nerves before I landed."


( Personally, I think maybe I need to hire Shrek to fly all my planes after watching that. )

Dave hails form Australia.

Rick Shinkle's Mooneyes Dragon Lady

Magnum 61 2-stroke running a 13x6 prop

Rick Says- "The Rat Fink pilot I built about 20 years ago as a plastic model. I know he looks a little big, but that's just the way Rat Fink rolls" 

James Routledge's Dragon Lady

James is running a Saito 130 twin swinging a 15x6 prop.

He says it took some tail weight for balance, but still flies nice.

Haenertsburg,  South Africa


Dragon Lady Info and Tips

The Dragon Lady is a super stable, but aerobatic sport plane. While not in the class of an Extra 300, it is capable of clean aerobatics, yet will slow way down and retain rock solid control until touchdown.

  • I have not used hardly any of the hardware that comes with any ARF, so I swapped out the hardware on the Dragon Lady also. Though this is strictly personal preference.

  • The tail wheel assembly on the earlier versions of the kit was spring steel, and very good. Unfortunately on later kits they changed to aluminum, and mine lasted 2 flights before it bent up to the rudder. I would strongly suggest changing it to an after market one.

  • The only fault in flight characteristics of the Dragon Lady would be its poor knife-edge.  Some have enlarged the vertical stab and rudder a little to compensate, with good results.

  • I also strongly suggest cutting the holes in the wings as the instructions say. The weight saving isn't much, but it makes a difference on roll inertia, making it a little more precise.


  • CG is on the front of the Dihedral brace on the plans, or  around 4" from the leading edge of the wing on the big D lady. Mine balances at 4 3/8"

If you have pictures of your Dragon Lady and would like to have them here Send me  Email

Last revised: August 17, 2015.