Engine Performance Page

Impressive eh? Well not really, its just a place for some real world data
from our personal experience with our engines.


The prop data posted here is made through highly unscientific means.
The days of testing varied in temperature, humidity and pressure, and at 4100'
Although checked with 2 different tachs, your mileage may vary.


ASP .80 4c - 15%  Wildcat  18% oil                    21 .oz with prop
Super Tigre G90 - Powermaster YS 20/20  50 degrees - 29 oz w/ prop & slimline pitts muffler
O.S 91FX 2 cycle - YS 20/20 Magnum    65 Degrees            19 .oz without muffler or prop      
Saito .91 - 15% Omega                                         19 .oz with prop
                    15% Wildcat 18% oil - 55 degree day
                    YS 20/20 blend /Magnum
YS .91ac  - 15% Omega                                  28 .oz without prop
                          YS  20/20  blend /Magnum


Saito 150GK - 15% Omega     (revised  4-00)                       31 .oz without prop        
                      20/20 YS blend



Zenoah G-23 -  Bennett muffler                     3.5 lbs with muffler and prop
     G-23 after about 1 gal - 


Brison 2.4 - Bennet muffler                             3.25 lbs with muffler, ignition battery and no prop


My Overall impression for 4 strokes and sport flying, the plastic Scimitar props
and for gas, the wood Scimitar are hard to beat. They may not tach as high as APCs
but they seem to perform as well or better in some cases. You can get better props,
but not much cheaper, and they perform well.

I will add data as time and circumstances permit.


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