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I like Fun flys
The only trouble with fun fly planes is they usually are powered with a 40 sized 2c engine,  So when Tower came out with a Uproar 60, I naturally
had to have one.

It takes me forever, a day, and six plus hours months to finish a kit, but eventually even as mountain crumble so do I finish kits. I have some "in the bones" pics to show construction.


Building went just OK, I had some real soft balsa for trailing edge sheeting on some of it. I also thought the center section of the wing, that is built then glued into the fuse, was a real pain in the a**. I wasn't real pleased how it turned out, so I will withhold judgment until it flies. All in all it wasn't to bad of a build. Covering was pretty easy except once again for that center wing/ fuse section, who dreamed that up anyway? I am not being picky with it, it will not win contests, but I wanted something fun and expendable to fly, right?

The framing and covering and final assembly were each separated by months , I just couldn't get motivated to get it done.

Specs for my particular version of this kit: Saito 91 with a Perry Oscillating pump for power, Airtronics Quasar radio (with all the mixing goodies) OZ cover and Ultracote and some scraps of Monocote for trim, and whatever paint I have on hand. Mods will include a Stinger 60 landing gear, a blue foam turtle deck and a canopy. Weight is 8lbs 5oz.

Some close ups of the Stinger 60 landing gear and the Perry pumped Saito 91


Well the weather straightened up and gave me a chance to get it rung out a little.
Its a sure bet I am not a TOC contender, the plane after the initial trim changes flys just fine. It kind of feels like a cross between competition funfly and big floaty sport plane.

The Saito 91 needed to get out and limbered up after sitting for half a year, but once it got some fuel through, it once again earned it reputation of being reliable as a rock. It doesn't provide unlimited power, but is plenty for sport flying. If I have thoughts of hovering this plane it will have to be swapped for my ST 90 or better yet, my YS 91.

Rolls are exceptionally fast on high rate. When fairly slow it has tendency to roll couple with some adverse yaw, but its nothing to get excited over.

I set the elevator up for plenty of throw and it has oodles of authority. Infact on high rates I haven't bottomed the stick out because just thinking of moving the stick made it rocket up! I haven't yet had it snap from full elevator (on low rate).

I thought it was interesting, that it seems to be capable of basic aerobatics in typical medium speed or low speed like a true funfly.

Landing was pretty straight forward and sssslllooooww. On the 3rd landing I held the nose up, kept about one notch of throttle and let it slow down until I could have jogged beside it, no kidding, roll out was about 10'-15'. I see some potential in that since I like messing around low and slow a lot.

All in all, its good plane. I don't know if I will build another since building it left me kind of luke warm, but its certainly is fun to mess with now that its done.

I wasn't too sure how the color scheme would be, but even against gray blue clouds even the purple stands out.

Interesting side note for Real Flight G2 owners. I made this plane for G2, when I first got the sim for Xmas. I have flown the heck out of it. I noticed some quirks like the adverse yaw on high rate, and how it hangs forever before breaking off into a mushy stall. Well I was surprised how close the sim was to the real thing. This is the first plane I have made in the sim before I flew the real thing, usually its the other way around. Maybe one more use for G2 is test flying planes before they go up!


I have had a chance to fly this plane in wind, it reminds me of a hawk, I hit a sweet spot of wind and it hung there for a 1/2 a minute or more absolutely motionless. Later I even got some backwards flight out of it! The wind wasn't even that strong, despite the big wing it handles very well in the wind.

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