The Piper Cub

Possibly one of the most modeled planes of our hobby.
Some love them , some hate them, but a big part of aviation history they are.

With a class all their own.

People seem to enjoy Cubs  all over the world!

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My Great Planes 40 Cub, 76" wing. ASP 80 4 stroke, Solartex fabric covering,
11 years old and starting to look like its been spotting artillery for a living.

Wayne Beasley's Cub

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Hanger 9 Cub, 80" wingspan, powered by a massive Saito 56.  The Raven  graphic on the top is a tribute to Wayne Handley.
It gives the Cub a unique image while still retaining the classic lines. With that big wing, the Hanger 9 excells at really slow flight.

The Cub is currently undergoing an overhaul with new fabric covering,  and the addition of some more scale details. It has been through 2 sets
of landing gear, and 3 sets of wheels.


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The 2 Cubs on floats is an RC moment that just happened. It was at afloat fly on a wet October Sunday (note the mist in the trees). The other Cub (Goldberg with a Surpass 70) took off first, then we (my son and I) took off with our H9 Cub. Pretty soon we were flying in formation in big lazy circles over the lake at half throttle...both Cubs puttering by at Cub-like speed. One by one, the other engines stopped running, to be replaced by the whirring of video cameras, and the clicking of shutters. I turned around, and saw every single person standing at the shore looking and taking pictures. There was not a sound except for the cameras and those 2 puttering Four strokes. It was a magical moment.......

BC, Canada

Roly's Cub

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1/4 scale Sig Clipped wing Cub with the full scale treatment including a  complete interior, and all the mods that were done to the full scale Cub.
Power is a "really old" OS 120 with a McDaniel Onboard Glow Driver. That is plenty of power for a full aerobatic routine.

All Roly's planes look like they are brand new - even though some are several years old.
His specialty is figure 8's done 10 feet off the deck - not 9'11"....exactly 10 feet!!! He is a superb pilot.