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Aris Makaris's Cub


3.3 meter wingspan  ( 130''), Zenoah  G62   24X8 - 24X10 Menz ultra prop,  

Aris is from Heraklion, Crete, Greece. 


James Paterson's Cub

James didn't send a lot of detail, 

These are built up scale Edos floats. The engine is a 22cc Zenoah

Sure looks great over the water in Cheshire, UK. 

Paul E. Wright's L4


Cub model from a 60 size Great Planes Piper J-3 Cub kit, and finished it to resemble a military L-4.

spans 90 inches, weighs 12 pounds, and is powered by a Saito FA-100T twin cylinder engine swinging a 14 x 6 propeller. Robart landing gear adds realism. The model is covered with Ultracoat.

Pictures of a full size Cub with this design found in a French Museum (Jean-Baptiste Salis Museum)
website inspired this finishing scheme.  According to the Piper Museum in Lock Haven, PA, this is most likely a pre-Pearl Harbor Navy L-4 model.  Pictures of the full size model can be found at .  Evidence that this was ever used by the US military is still to be determined.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


Dave Quick's Cub

Sig 1/4 scale Cub.

Built  in 1982 using an OS Max .61 But, I put a new engine it just this past winter. (2006) It now has an OS .91 which is plenty of power...

The old girl still flies just great, but I plan to re-cover the plane next winter.

Frankfort, Indiana

Scott Griffis's Cub

Modeltech 1/3 scale cub, Balsa USA EDO floats, FPE 55.8CC engine swinging a 22x10 CF prop.

Scott's from NW Pennsylvania. 

Daniel Holmes's Cub

1/4 scale Piper J-3 cub by SIG Kit

Wing Span 105" / 2.67m,  Wing area 1600 SQ inches,  Weight 16 lbs /  7.3 KG, 
Finished with white Solartex then sprayed and lacquered

 Powered by an OS 1.60 FT Gemini 4 stroke,  26.52cc with a South Hertz Intelligent Glow system on board. 

Build time 4 months

Pretty plane and scenery from Cornwall, UK

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