Hog Bipe Photos Page 2

Michael Garty's
Hog Bipe

Michael hails from Israel

OS 61 for power,  which he says, "Flies great"

Henri Huumo
Sent us these of his Hog Bipe

And a nice shot of it in the bones

Power is ASP 80 4c
The red shows up well against the snow!

Henri is from Finland

Mark Devino's
Hog Bipe

Marks says the underside of the wings and stab are 4" black/white checks going to the orange leading edge.
Power is a OS .91 Surpass
Covered in Monocote, with hand cut letters.

Seen around the suburban Chicago area, Elgin R/C Flyers

Supermans other ride
done by Eric Heinsheimer

Thunder Tiger 91 4 Stroke.

Based in Raeford NC

Mike Jasiewicz's Pirate Bi Pig

Powered by a Saito 91, piloted by Quasimoto

From Arvada CO.


Randy Schrock's New Hog Bipe

Powered by a Saito 91 swinging APC 13x9 prop
5 Hitec servos (4 615's and 1 425 for the throttle), 1000 mah 4.8v battery

Overland Park, Kansas

Herm Zinn's Bi Pig

Powered by a Saito 91.
A great example of the eaze of building, Herm's first built up kit and it looks great!

Middletown, PA.

Lee Eckert's new Hog Bipe

21st Century fabric yellow and Ultracote trim, Magnum 91 4c.

Aw Dad...

The things he'll do for a Scooby snack

Flying with www.BlueMaxRC.com at Deer Grove Forest Preserve
Buffalo Grove, IL (Northwest Chicago suburb)

Ted Pepin's Hog Bipe

Powered by a Saito 91.  Piloted by Snoopy

Burning up the skies in Palmetto, Georgia

Ron Grist's hot Hog Bipe

Covered in Coverite and Dope with airbrushed flames
Powered by a ST .61

Ron says this was his trainer

Manitoba, Canada

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