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Zsolt Vamosi's Hog Bipe



 ASP .90 4c engine.
Enlarged the tail,  built a special hatch for fuel tank.
This plane is flying perfect, and it's fit well to my Toyota
Prius in one piece.

Zolt lives in Budapest ,Hungary, European Union

You can visit his forum - http://forum.rcmodell.hu/viewtopic.php?t=15144

Shawn Jackson's Hog Bipe

OS 91 four stroke, Ultra-cote, Fiberglass Specialties pants and cowl

Shawn says,  " First kit I ever built, and loved every second of it!!! Flies like a dream! "

Fort Worth, Texas

Thomas S. Hog Bipe

Flown with both K&B 61 - 12x6 prop and OS 61FX -13x6

Thomas is from Germany

Antony Redding's 



Covered in Profilm (Oracover) and is powered by a Laser 80 running a Graupner 13.5x8

From a very green Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, Great Britain.

Josh Brekke And friend Jerry's Bipigs

Josh built and flies the blue one with a Saito 100, Jerry's yellow one sports a Saito 125.

Redondo Beach, CA

Rob Phillpotts Hog bipe

Looks great!

Rob says it took 48 hours start to finish.   

  Saito 91S and 13 x 7 APC prop. Weight 7.5lb.

Worcester Model Aero Club, United Kingdom.  - Established 1909

Mitea Theodor's Hog bipe

Super Tiger 0.75, Hitec HS-475HB servos. Covered in Monocote

 Modifications like the access hatch to the fuel tank and another one on the bottom of the airplane. 

This allowed the servo for the throttle and the 5 cell 1600mAh NiMHd battery under the fuel tank.

Weighs 8.4lbs

Dan lives in Laval, Quebec and flies at a club in west Montreal named WIMAC.

Tom Strohscher's Bi pig


OS .91 Surpass II four stroke

Covered with Coverite fabric with Monokote stripes

Moved the landing gear forward 1/2", added some extra balsa around the engine bay to give a thicker look to the sides.

Put the top wing's T-nuts inside the wing and screwed it on from under eliminating the holes on the top of the wing.

Created a removable floor to support the fuel tank.

Weighs 7.7 lbs

Tom's build pictures can be seen here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/tmjb05/sets/72157610670336097/

Larry Kruse's Hog bipe

Magnum .70 4-stroke,  and has Airtronics radio gear.  Weighs 7.6 lbs

Other than modifying the rudder, headrest, and windshield to look more "PT-17ish" the plane is stock from the Sig kit. 

Photos by Ken Isaac.

Lawton, Oklahoma

Alexander MacLeod Thomson's Electric Hogbipe


I came by an unopened kit from a work colleague here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, it was bought, but never started by a fine man, Edward Bresney of the USA, who sadly passed away late April this year. 

Changed the basic tail group a little to look like a Bucker Jungmann, added a second cockpit for battery cooling air outlet.

 Apart from lots of sanding to reduce weight she is quite standard. She flys very well indeed and with 1300 W (2 BHP) she holds her own in the vertical for a weight of 3kg (6.2 lbs).

Short video of flight - http://www.vimeo.com/5003221

Al is currently in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, but calls Scotland home.

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