Hog Bipe Photos Page 7

Cliff's  Hog Bipe


Cliff says this is his 3rd Hogbipe, and still has one in the box. 

 Delta CO

Alex van den Hoff's Hog Bipe

Paint scheme from an US Navy Curtiss BFC-2 which is on display in the Naval Airmuseum in Pensacola.

Powered by an OS FS 81A

Alex and his Hog Bipe reside in Holland

Chris Sanders Hog bipes

Chris Says, "Just completed a refurb of my Hog Bipe. I bought mine a year ago at a swap meet. It came already built, but poorly. Initially, i did some work just to get it flying but I knew it had way more potential. I had a friend do a basic recovering and mount the Twin Saito. I did the rest. You can see in the pics where the nose was cut to accomodate the new engine. I installed JR 4735's all the way around (yes overkill but fast servos nonetheless! I also have a JR G500A mounted in the cockpit to control the rudder. Because of that gyro, this plane has no idea of what a choppy crosswind is! While I've been flying her for the past 9 months, I just took her back up this last weekend after the refurb. She flew incredibly! The Saito twin Cyl mades this plane purr like a kitten at low speeds. Just an absolute joy to fly.
BTW, I fly the Saito on 30% cool power that's been iced down. The Saito drops a cyl if you don't run high/cold nitro. It cost s a little more but she's worth it!

And for the purple Cheetah!
I just completed my second Hog Bipe! Haven't flown it yet as my engine isn't broken in yet but. I put about 80 hours into it but it was well worth the time. She's a beauty! The empty weight on the Hog is 8 lbs 1 oz. When I was working on the build I knew I wanted the purple (plum monokote) and white, but I couldn't decide on a third color that would make the plane "pop". Once I began the covering I quickly realized the plum/wht was all I needed. The flying wires are somewhat aesthetic but they do serve another purpose. You wouldn't think it but the Hog Bipe does a seriously nice rolling harrier! That puts a lot of stress on the tail. In addition to the rolling harriers, the gyro I have in the cockpit works that rudder to death in rough cross winds. Our field is located on the leeward side of a hill. When we get south westerly winds we get some hairy swirls that cause a plane to yaw like crazy."

Chris hails from Winston Salem, NC

Mike Kennedy's Bi-Pigs

Both are powered by Saito 100s

Mike flies out of www.gcrcc.net   Cincinnati, Ohio

Malcolm Taylor's Hog Bipe

Mac or Malc Taylor as his friends know him says he got the kit two and a half years ago
Having completed the kit up to the covering stage we moved home so the 'Hog' was carefully packed away until we had settled in and my new workshop could be built and fitted out. As of February this year (2010),  I eventually completed it and covered it in the new 'GlossTex' heat shrink.

Mac Says he has "been flying RC models since the early Seventies and fly at the Chase Model Aircraft Club situated in the picturesque area of Cannock Chase (One hundred square miles of woodland) in Staffordshire in the center of England."

Akira Tuduki's Hog Bipe

Powered by a OS 91 Surpass II and covered in Oracover

Akira hails from Nagoya Japan

Roger Hornecker's Hog Bipe

Modified with dubro gear, hatch in the bottom to access tank, and rudder. Using OS 81 FS.

Nicely done Roger


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