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Scott Happel's  Hog Bipe


This is Scott's third kit in his 1st year of RC, he side mounted the engine, carved a balsa cowl and added about 3/4" to the rudder. Powered by a Fox .74.  Maroon Monokote, box top inspired. Replaced supplied pushrods with Gold-N-Rods.

Nice Job Scott!

Fayetteville, NC

Ed Ourada Jr.'s Husker Hog

Powered by an inverted ASP 91 4 stroke w/ 14-4 prop,  TME Simple smoke with copper tubing from a thermocoupler as a pre heaterTop Flight Corsair 60 cowl .  Ed added a top hatch to access the fuel tank. 3 1/4" Williams Brothers Smooth contour wheels with the wheel pants mounted slightly higher (clears the grass on the field with ease).  Covered in "True Red" Monokote, and Lustrecote paint,  piloted by none other than Herbie Husker.  He figured a pig-skin (football) theme for a Hog Bipe wasn't too much of a stretch (Which if you have even only drove through Nebraska shouldn't be a mystery)

Flying with the "BOHEMIAN AIR FORCE",   around Prague NE

Ken Isaac's Hog Bipe


Ken's 3rd bipig,  a straight build from the kit with the exception of a carved turtle deck to make it easier to cover.
The vinyl graphics on the top of the plane he made from a small cutter he bought,  and of course are meant in jest for fellow flyers at the field.
OS 91 for power



Roy Strouse's Hobbyshop find

While traveling on business, Roy happened across this in a hobby shop that was closing its doors.
Powered by a OS 91FS
Nice find Roy!

Sewell, NJ

Daryl Hansen's Bi Pig

Daryl tempted fate with pre 1st flight pictures here, but says he got it home in one piece

He put in a fuel tank hatch and servos in the wings.

Elwood,  UT

Anthony Hall's Hog Bipe

This was Anthony's 1st kit build.

He modified the rudder to be pull-pull as well as 3/4" wider and gave it more room to swing between the elevators.
Added wire and spring to the gear to strengthen it.
He said he did not like the way the leading edges of the wings were built so I chopped off the ribs flat and
added formed leading edge stock. I then used larger sheeting and wrapped it around the leading edge and sanded to shape.  According to him, it's much stronger and there are no seams to fill.

 It is covered with UltraCote and the wheel pants, gear and headrest are painted with Krylon.  The covering was made by piecing the different colors together and then applying them to the plane as one piece.

Powered by a Thunder Tiger .91 four-stroke swinging an APC 15x4W, and  set up for smoke.

Flying with the Middle Point R/C Flyers www.mprcf.com in Murfreesboro, TN

Dan Cross's Hog Bipe

Powered by a OS .61 FX, Futaba radio and servos, only modification
from kit was moving the landing gear forward 1/2".  Dark red and
insignia blue Monokote with 3/32" white striping.

A couple shots of flying on a beautiful airfield

Ray Moore's Hog Bipe

Powered by a Saito 100 Golden Knight, with a 14oz fuel tank. Futaba Radio.

Built stock with the exception of reinforced landing gear plate and firewall. 

Rays second Hogbipe

Teal & white, built stock,  OS 91 4c.

London Mills IL.

Allen Stewart's Bumble Pig

OS 91 for power,
Push-Pull cables on the rudder, will do a knife edge loop!
Captain at Spirit Airlines
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mike Irwin's 'Hawg' Bipe

Modified turtledeck and tailgroup
O.S. .91 Surpass II with pump
Covered in Sig Koverall, nitrate dope
Custom vinyl mask and paint --tribal top, faded flame underbelly, F & M Stits Poly paints
Graphics: Creative logos, decals and pinstriping computer created, vinyl cut
WWF action figure and +G.I. JoeCostume

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