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Dave Churches Hog Bipe


Thunder Tiger .91 4 stroke, 13X8 APC prop with 3" pro-turn spinner.  14oz Dubro tank with remote fuel.  (4) Hitec HS475HB high torque servos on controls (duel aileron) with HS300 on throttle.  Covered in lemon yellow 21st century fabric with Ultracote and paint trim.  Everything else was built according to plans with the usual extra reinforcement in landing area and firewall.

Cranston, RI

Joe Short's Flashy Hog Bipe


Covered in Monokote.
 OS 91fs pumped swinging a 14x6 prop.  
Moved the landing gear forward a half inch.
 Made a hatch near the tail wheel for the battery.  No lead.  
The plane will hover for 20 -30 seconds before falling off.  

Fort Worth Texas at the Fort Worth Thunderbirds field

Mark Warburton's Hog Bipe

OS 91FX up front with Slimline Pitts muffler.
Covered up by a Cap 231Ex cowl from Fiberglass Specialties  
The canopy is from a Sig 4 star 40

Great example of nice kit bash. 

Radcliffe, Iowa

Craig Jackson's Hog Bipe


A Stan's fiber tech cowl,  painted with midnight blue Ultracote paint. 

 Saito 100 up front, pull-pull rudder, and removable hatch over the fuel tank; the landing gear is fiberglass and was moved 1\4 " forward, and the tail wheel has been upgraded with a leaf spring set up. 

Craig Says, "This plane is a blast!" and his daughter Carlee seems to like it too.

Fallon, NV

Jim Waggoner's Modified Hog Bipe

Jim in an effort to emulate an EAA Biplane, cut the nose back about 2 inches, brought the cockpit back an 1 1/2"  built up the turtledeck and sheeted it,  re-built the tail to the specs of the EAA  bipe and kept the wings stock.  The nose is enclosed with a Cub cowl.

Covered with Ultracote Deep Blue and Antique cream,  powered by OS 91 Surpass

Mason, Ohio

Billy Myers's  Hog Bipe

Covered in 21st Century fabric
Powered by a OS .91 four stroke
Weight - 7.5 pounds

Aaron Bailey's Hog Bipe


Pull-Pull Rudder& elevators, and painted the head rest.  OS 91FS  for power. Covered it in Monocote,  note the profile of the shark tail

Aaron hand painted the pilot,  made the goggles and mounted the voltwatch, charge jack and power switch in the cockpit.

Raleigh,  NC

Mark Dresser's Hog Bipe

Powered by the Tower Hobbies .75 using 10% nitro. and a 12/6 propeller.

Mark flies in Hawaii at the Kailua swamp air field

Kim Hochstein's Electric Bi-Pig

AXI Brushless motor with 6s4p lithiums

Minnetonka ,  Minnesota

Robert Roels's kit bashed Hog Bipe

Bashed  to resemble a Starduster. The top wing was swept back,  the outline of the ailerons, wing tips, elevator and rudder were changed. The cockpit was converted to a two seater. The fuse widened at the nose to install a Stan's Fiber Tech Great Planes Extra 300 .40 size cowl.  A fair amount of lightening was done to keep the slightly wider fuse from weighing more. The plane flies incredible with a YS 110 and 16x5 prop.  It flew great with an OS 91 Surpass, but (he) added more power.  

Crystal Lake, IL


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